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 photo 92DF35A4-A8DA-47D2-A183-2FC3912C0D82_zpsrpvlrcrx.jpg 

 photo 83A3745A-A9F6-471C-ADCB-DE16B6CFE2D5_zpstud5sexb.jpg 

 photo 8DD44593-1395-4F0E-8897-EAAE765E9603_zpskg054nmp.jpg 

 photo 81FE120E-2E2E-4348-9A26-D46030B9F815_zpsf7yi7yp6.jpg

Besides making feather earrings I started making jewelry. I try to work with as much natural products as I can. Here you see the Turquoise collection. The materials I use are mainly Brass. This won't change color. It will only gets darker just like silver does but when you polish it you can make it shiny again! Yaiy!

Please contact me for your custom made and handmade piece by me.

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