ON YOUR FACE is a new online webshop with designer (sun)glasses for the best price you can ever get! Now we all can look like a celebrity and wear the most expensive sunnies for the lowest price! The glasses are 100% real and there are brands for men and women available like Tom Ford, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Ray Ban, Jimmy Choo, Polaroid and more! Take a look for yourself and order the one you like. Make sure you don't wait to long with ordering the one you fall in love with, because there is just one from each you see on the website! 

I got the two most amazing sunnies ever! The first beauty is a Tom Ford. Very bohemian right? Lovely for my Ibiza look outfits!
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 photo E1B01F4D-52E2-4C03-B619-2C81BC6E2D2F_zpsmgzm8vrn.jpg

The second one is from Emilio Pucci. How classy is this baby?! With the Gradient violet glasses and golden frame it looks very glamorous! You like this? Look for your own Emilio Pucci sunnies HERE

 photo 92775496-A4DE-43E1-A990-27C5E85D6030_zpsr9bpakit.jpg

Watch the promo movie HERE

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