Two weeks ago I went to Thailand, and it was amazing..My boyfriend and I took a plain to Bangkok and that is where we stayed the first days. After that we took a flight to Krabi and we stayed at Ao Nang for a week. It was a nice little village with a lot of good restaurants and little shops. Also from there we could take a long-tail boat to the islands in the neighborhood like Railey beach, Phi Phi islands, Bamboo island, and more.

After a week of relaxation we went back to the most busy city ever; Bangkok:) We did a cycling tour with Co van Kessel and did a lot of shopping. Also we went to a 4D movie in a very luxurious shoppingmall. Big contrasts there between rich and pour, was very strange to see.

After all, it was a little bit to short those two weeks! We enjoyed our stay and even though it was raining season and it rained a lot in Krabi, we got time to relax and chill. Thailand: we will come back again!

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