Last weekend I went to Mystic Garden to write a party report for ExQlusiv (report will be online soon!)

Ofcourse I had to show you my outfit. The first minute I walked inside the festival area I got spotted by Gigi Looks. 

What I was wearing:

Shorts: Only
Tshirt: Selected Femme
Kimono: Mink Pink
Hat: Vila
Fringe bag: Zara
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace fringes: Ibiza hippie market

 photo 3bbe41ca-0b89-4513-9d4a-2bd7421c0602_zpsa4fc6e87.png
Picture collage made by Gigi Looks

 photo 6090A2F4-93CC-45DD-9D5C-763D5CAA08FE_zps3rckcdxu.jpg

 photo C4EB7084-040A-4179-80BC-62D0D0322B18_zpsieicmjn2.jpg

 photo 3e6ee0ba-e9d8-4591-84a6-14170795007d_zps8c1dfa1f.jpg

Had such a blast with my friends. It was a real fairy tale and the decoration of the festival was amazing! Special compliments for my friend with her WTL stand! Speed-dating and a cuddle area brought the people together! <3

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sienna ana belić said...

very cool!
xoxo Sienna