Shoes-Cancan.com: pretty sexy lingery and shoes. This is an online store which has lingery, womens shoes, fashion, accessoires and tights. The webshop has stylish and sexy products from good quality for a fair price!

I got these two really nice tights at Canan shoes. 

The first tights are very nice because there is a tong inside the tights and they are very comfortable because of the lace so it is not to tight on your belly. (buy it here:http://www.shoes-cancan.com/scnl/naadpanty-0121-dreamgirl.html )
The second tight is also really cool because it has a leopard print on it that would look really cool with a dress!( buy it here: http://www.shoes-cancan.com/scnl/luipaard-panty-electric-lingerie.html )

Take a look at the webshop and find someting for yourself!:)

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